How to choose a right hair transplantation clinic ?

The most important decision in hair implantation is the Doctor you choose. The skill, talent, and experience of hair restoration Doctors vary widely, as do the end results. Who you choose will determine how natural and full your new hair will be for the rest of your life.


1. How many years has the physician been dedicated to doing hair transplantation?

2. How many hair transplant procedures does the surgeon perform in one day? Ideally the physician will be dedicated to working on one patient  in a day

3. Does the Surgeon perform hair transplant surgery full time?

4. What is the hair transplant surgeon’s reputation among his or her peers?

5. Does the Surgeon take a holistic approach to hair loss treatment and also offer advice?

6. How involved will your surgeon be in the placing of the actual grafts?

7. Can the surgeon provide a list of names and phone numbers of patients willing to discuss their personal experiences? Patient testimonials will say a lot.

8. Can the surgeon provide at least one dozen sets of clinical “before” and “after” case photos for your review? Be sure the photos offer good clarity and detail and include “before” views as well as “after” views that allow for critical evaluation.

9. Check the Surgeon’s Qualification and Reg. No.

10. Clinic’s  Reputation