Hair transplant in Kerala : How to choose the best hair clinic?

Hair transplant in Kerala : How to choose the best hair clinic?

When hair loss gropes up people, they are in search of various ways to get their hair filled. Most of the times people choose to go for hair transplant. The hair clinic and the physician you opt for hair restoration is one of the most important factors that needs a consideration before you make a final decision. It is not necessary that all the physicians are equally talented and the services that they provide need not be up to the mark. The final results depend solely on the experience, talent and skills of the physician you choose.

The physician you choose will determine the appearance of your restored hair whether it appears natural and full for the rest of your life. Follicular unit transportation is not an easy task and not all clinics specializing in hair transplant in Kerala perform the same as it is not necessary that the physician and the staff have profound knowledge and experience in the same. This is the reason why many of the hair transplant clinics in Kerala still do not provide these services as they are unsure about the final results.

If you want your hair to appear naturally full after the hair transplant process, then it is necessary that you choose your physician and clinic carefully as not all physicians are certified and possess the so called skills and talent. If you are not able to find an experienced hair transplant surgeon in your locality it would be great if you can travel to areas where there are. It will be worth your time and effort as the results last a lifetime.

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Here are some tips to help you with choosing a hair clinic & physician:

1. Check for the years of experience your physician has in hair transplantation

2. Examine thoroughly the number of hair transplant that the physician has already performed and also the number of restorations they do in a single day. If they are experienced, the restoration procedures will last one whole day as you have chosen a bigger surgery.

3. Check whether the hair clinic performs hair transplant or hair restoration surgeries full time and whether it is their main focus? If they are into it occasionally, it means that the clinic has no experienced staff with the skills to perform Follicular unit grafts which is actually the most important part of hair transplantation.

4. The surgeon’s and the hair clinic’s reputation matters. Try to conduct a research on the same.

5. Examine what kind of approach the physician utilizes for hair loss treatment, whether it is holistic or whether he provides advice or Rogaine?

6. Examine the kind of hair transplantation the clinic performs. Whether it is state of art?

7. Whether the physician utilizes microscopic dissection process to dissect the donor tissues into 1, 2, 3 & 4 hair follicular Unit grafts. Usually microscopic dissections that are branched into large sessions is not a single person’s effort, it comes from a team. There are a lot of things that needs to be taken into consideration like whether the surgeon will be making appropriate incisions in the graft recipient area, the design and also the direction of hair transplant all matters.

Patient Review Results can help you a lot. You can trust these!

 8.Check whether your surgeon is ready to provide the names and contact numbers of the patients they have already served successfully. This is necessary because patient testimonials are really important decisive factors.

9. Is this surgeon willing to provide at least a dozen of your case photos “before” and “after” the process for your review? Ensure that these photos are clear and in detail as the “before” and “after” views will help you a lot.

10. Forums and discussion groups’ available online can help a lot. Visit these as here a lot of information about your physician will be available and it will help you to take an appropriate decision.

VPLant Calicut, is one of the most popular clinics specializing in hair transplant in Kerala. We have an ample number of certified and experienced physicians and staff capable of performing hair restoration and follicular graft dissection with utmost ease and perfection.

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