Hair Transplant : Everything you need to know!!

Hair Transplant : Everything you need to know!!

Are you upset with hair loss? Do not worry! We are here to help you and imbibe in you the waves of confidence that balding has been depriving you off. Trust us for we are a leading name among the clinics offering hair transplant in Kerala. Owing to a number of years of experience in serving clients from far and wide, we have helped people to get rid of all the issues related to balding and hair loss within a very short span of time with results that are irreversible. We utilize hair transplantation technique which is done in a highly safe and sterile environment ensuring the patient is extremely comfortable. Here, we will discuss all that you want to know about Hair Transplantation and much more.


The process of Hair Transplantation is quite simple. Imagine this: There are two sites on your head; one is the balding patch and the other patch is where you have dense hair; we shall move the individual follicles of hair from this portion of your head to the balding patch which is often referred to as the recipient site while the donor is called as donor site. This is a procedure that is mainly applicable to the male kind of baldness. The grafts are chosen after verifying the hair follicles that are resistant to balding before transplanting it to the bald scalp.


This technique of transplantation can be used for a variety of other purposes apart from applying it to the balding scalp that includes eyebrows, chest hair, beard hair, eyelashes or to fill in scars resulting from accidents or surgery utilized for face-lifts or from previous hair transplantation.  There lies a lot of difference between hair transplantation and skin grafting because these grafts contain the entire epidermis surrounding the hair follicle and a number of grafts are transplanted rather than a single strip like in skin grafting.


Facial hair transplant

You would be amazed to know that hair grows in a group of 1 to 4 hairs and so these transplantations are done using 1-4 hair follicular units. This means after the transplantation process there would be no trace of the transplantation surgery as it would appear perfectly natural. At, V Plant we provide MHI technique which is the first of its type utilized in hair transplant all over Kerala. It is an in-house hair replacement technique that is carried out ensuring the amount of follicle wastage is too less while obtaining maximum results.


                                                                               Eyebrow transplant

Depending on the age of the person the hair replacement procedures are recommended. Actually age is never a constraint if the person is quite healthy. But usually the procedures are chosen based on the medical reports and health condition of the person. The only requirement is a dense donor area with non-resistant follicular units that can be easily used over the balding patches.

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