Hair loss: Symptoms & Treatment

Hair loss: Symptoms & Treatment

Hair Loss is usually related to age, but actually people are unaware of the fact that it can affect anyone, as age is never a factor that influences hair loss.

Normally each individual losses around 100 hairs every day which is actually a regular part of the hair growth cycle. But, when a large amount of hair starts falling and a declining line starts to appear, people start noticing it and are emotionally affected. According to a report by the American Hair Loss Association, Americans spend nothing less than an average of 3.5billion dollars every year trying to fix their hair.

Do you think your suffering from hair loss? Here are the symptoms and the causes that trigger hair loss:

In most people the rate of hair growth is around half-an inch on a monthly basis and you will be actually surprised to know that more 90 percentage of your hair is through the growth process at any given time, while there is a 10 percent that is in the dormant state of hair growth. Every two or three months this dormant hair tends to fall out. It is the follicles in this dormant phase that grows into new hair while the other follicles are moving into their dormant state.

There are two different categories of hair loss which is related to normal hair loss which is the hair that grows back and the other is hair shedding, which is the hair that never grows back once lost and ultimately results in balding. Even your personal emotions growing out of utmost stress can result in hair loss and these includes childbirth, breakups, grief or even divorces can be the reason.

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One of the board-certified dermatologists, Doris Day from the New York City has once said that “It still doesn’t feel good, and it takes the hair to reach a certain length where you perceive its presence”. He is an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hosptial, also in New York. Further he says that “So it feels like a hair loss, but it’s not a hair loss.”

Do you know the medical term for hair loss? It is Alopecia which affects the entire head starting from the scalp. If you find balding affecting the entire body, then it might be due to some kind of illnesses or even medications that leads to it. The experts at Cleveland Clinic says that genetics can also lead to balding on head which is infact true.

Genetics might not be the only reason behind hair loss,but it can be the result of harsh hairstyles or treatments that the hair is being subjected to for a prolonged period of time. The use of hair products that contain harmful products such as bleaches, straighteners, permanent wave solutions and dyes can even lead to permanent hair loss.

Even hormonal imbalances, illnesses or surgery and even nutritional deficiencies can result in hair loss.


If you experience a prolonged hair loss, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist at the earliest. They will have your history of medical records tested to detect the symptoms and cause of hair loss.

The process is simple, they may conduct a biopsy by collecting a small patch of the hair follicle and  it helps them to determine whether it is lupus, an autoimmune disease or whether you have bacterial or fungal infection that is leading to the hair loss.

Here are some hair loss treatment tips:

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There are a wide range of hair loss treatment procedures and depending upon the intensity of the procedure that you choose, the cost varies from the low range to the most expensive ones. The sole factor that determines the kind of treatment you need is the volume of hair loss you have undergone and the amount of it that needs to be replaced to cover the hair loss.

You can either choose to use expensive wigs or hair weaves that completely cover the head and also helps to restore the affect of having a head full of hair. This kind of hair replacement is mainly affective for cancer patients as well as for people suffering from temporary hair loss.

These are some of the very few treatments that you can use to combat hair loss though there are various other natural medications and therapies as well as surgeries that can help to replace the hair loss.

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