4 Simple ways to prevent hair loss!

4 Simple ways to prevent hair loss!

Hair loss is a common problem that is observed in the youth after 20 years of age though people think that it is a problem related to ageing. It is not a problem related to age as any one can fall prey to balding or hair loss without prior notice. People are usually trying to hide it as they feel inferior to others and start backing away from the social circle.

Age is never a factor that leads to balding though when a person starts to lose his energetic and youthful self and moves into the period of ageing, there are visible hair loses. But things like child birth, allergies, diseases, medications, clinical treatments, and even hormonal imbalances can lead to hair loss. Hereditary or genetic mutations also results in hair loss.

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But, you can preserve the remaining hair on your head if you just follow the below given tips ( How to prevent hair loss ) :

1. Hairstyles

If you regularly use hair pullers or hair bands, you might have noticed that you are losing substantial amount of hair and even you can find strands of hair entangled in these hair accessories and even your combs. Certain hair accessories are harmful to hair. When you tie your hair in a knot or ponytails, there are possibilities that you are exerting a lot of pressure on your hair and that it breaks off. So restrain from using hair braids, cornrows and even tight hair pullers that lead to hair breakages and damages. The pulling and pressure that these kinds of hair styles result in lead to a lot of hair loss especially along the scalp. This kind of hair loss that occurs along the scalp is called as traction alopecia and is one of the reasons that leads to permanent hair loss.

2. Brushing and Combing 

Uncontrolled brushing and combing leads to a lot of hair loss. It is always better to use combs that have wide teeth and brushes with smooth tips. If you continuously comb and brush your hair it will lead to breakage, never brush or comb a lot and do not comb wet hair as it leads to a lot of hair loss that is actually permanent.

3. Excessive shampooing

Utilizing a lot of shampoos and hair products is not good for hair as there are a lot of chemicals present in these products. Use a conditioner after shampooing so that it is easier to comb the hair. Never rub wet hair with a towel and dry it.

4. Never choose hot oil treatments

It leads to a lot of hair loss. Also do not use the chemicals that are used in permanent straightening. It leads to follicle inflammation that ultimately leads to hair loss.

These are some simple tips to help prevent hair loss. If you want to know more about how to prevent hair loss?, Contact V Plant India Hair clinic.

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