14 Things only bald people would understand

14 Things only bald people would understand

“I have little hair because my brain is so big it pushes the hair out”

Hair loss is a problem that is found in every one out of five people these days. It is not fun and given a choice no one wants to part with their dear hair. The physical aspects of hair loss is minimal or nothing when compared to the emotional trauma that the individual goes through. It needs to be dealt with or they might end up being depressed to the core.

When a person first observes baldness or hair loss that is concurrent it leaves them stressed. The level of emotional trauma is similar in both men and women but the latter seem to be more affected with their hair loss. No one has ever accepted their hair loss with ease or embraced it with happiness. There are always shades of depression and distressness when people are faced with hair loss. History shows that well clear. But, thanks to the technology that, we now have hair loss treatment for men and women.

There have been cases where doctors were unable to recognize the actual cause of stress in their patients when they tried to analyse their medical cause and the history behind the depression, as they had no clue of connecting it to the constantly and rapidly occurring baldness in the patient.

This article has no intention to mock or depress someone’s tender spot., but we are trying to address the real facts and providing a deeper insight into how the people are keeping up with the depressing factor and still smiling.

Next time you will think twice before you have a thought of mocking someone with hair loss:

1. People think these are visible signs of ageing

Whenever a visible hair loss occurs, both men and women fall into a kind of depression as they appear much older to their age. Many of the people relate baldness to be an end of their bubbling youth and are drained of energy and this aspect of the human mind is greater when compared to any other forms of physical deformities. Hair loss implies loss of energy which automatically invites ageing.

2. Hair styling is rare

People are frustrated at the thought of getting their hair styled for keeping up with the latest trends. They try their best with the thinning hair but all the efforts are in vain, their hair is not the same now.

3. Generates a dislike in the overall appearance

Hair contributes a huge part of a person’s appearance. As the hair starts to fall apart, it leads to a change in the appearance of the face as it shifts the balance of the face towards the forehead and ultimately leads to an aged appearance.

Men with profound loss of hair tend to be more depressed with their appearance in comparison to men with minimal loss and when we move on to women with hair loss they are much more emotionally affected than men.

4. Lower degree of Self-esteem

Hair loss is directly associated to self-esteem. People tend to lose their confidence in all walks of life when they find hair loss occurring. The self worth and self esteem drop to a low level.

5. Fear of how others view them

Hair is the symbol of a person’s physical attractiveness. When a person tends to lose hair they are afraid of how others will view them. They slowly start feeling that they appear less attractive to others and this again lowers their confidence. Women are more affected by this plight as they usually spend a lot of time and money on maintaining their hair well.

6. It leaves them embarrassed

Most people find it embarrassing when they lose hair to face others especially the opposite sex. The fear of being rejected is something that affects around 75% of the men as studies show. Women cannot even imagine walking out and facing the world outside as they consider it hair as a sign of their beauty and budding youth which leaves them once they start losing hair.

7. Teasing and the feeling of being humiliated

The society is one big factor as all our readers are already aware of it. People find it to be funny to mock at a person’s baldness and which again leaves the people depressed.

8. It leaves them depressed

People take it to be too personal a problem and start keeping up to themselves. They do not want to go out or mingle with the outer world and consider themselves to be distinct from others. They start behaving like introverts and this leaves them into a stage of depression

9. Problems at job

People who work with the media or a celebrity are among the class who are mostly affected at their jobs.

10. Social life gets affected

People who had been grooming and styling their hair for a better part of their life cannot think of facing the society with hair loss. They slowly start withdrawing themselves from their regular social circles and stop meeting up friends and engaging in social parties. Some stop going out totally unless it is at work. It has been found that most women have been faced with marital problems while others suffer from career related problems due to hair loss.

11. Caps or hats become a solace

People find solace in wearing caps or hats in all seasons to make the thinning of hair invisible

12. Some engage in physical activities

While a majority is left depressed, others take it up as a challenge and start working on improvising their physique to improve their confidence.

13. Improvise the dressing and outfit

The world does not end here. You can dress up with some of your best outfits and look your best.

14.  Beard and moustache is an asset

Though hair loss affects the appearance, some start growing their beard and moustache that gives them confidence and a power of regained self-esteem.

Hair loss problems are common, guys do not worry. These are not problems that cannot be addressed. At Vplant Calicut we provide baldness treatment and hair loss treatment for men and women at affordable prices. Contact us for further details.

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