10 Best Hair vitamins you must need for a healthy hair growth!

10 Best Hair vitamins you must need for a healthy hair growth!

We already know that the right constitution of vitamins, minerals and all essential nutrients are necessary to ensure a healthy body. But, how many of us are aware of the fact that each and every tiny follicles of our hair breathe life and are in need of vitamins and other nutrients to stay healthy, shiny and glowing.

The deficiency in any of the vital vitamins or minerals can actually affect the hair growth resulting in hair fall or balding which is our worst fears. Here, we have put up the list of all the essential vitamins that is necessary for a  healthy growth treatment and ensure your hair looks at its best.

1. Vitamin C


Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting our immune systems as you are already aware of it and is also an antioxidant that helps with the detoxification process as our body craves for it. If you have noticed it, you might have observed Vitamin C mentioned in many of the hair care products including your shampoos. Your hair needs it and you can use products that contain Vitamin C and also intake foods that are rich in Vitamin C for an assured supply of the Vitamin to the hair. Whole foods are recommended but supplements fasten the process of hair growth.

2. B Vitamins


The chain of B Vitamins are collectively grouped under this category and are equally important for both your body and hair. You can take supplements of foods that are rich source of these vitamins, B Vitamin complex capsules also help, or you can use shampoos and conditioners that contain these. If you get bruised easily and feel tired or weak and if your hair is not growing at the same pace as it used to previously then you are deficient of B Vitamins. B12 is the most important of all B Vitamins, but it would be great for your hair to look its best if you can include all the B vitamins in your diet.

3. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is one of the vital essentials in keeping your hair look its best and grow healthy. There are a large number of foods that are rich in Vitamin E as well as you can intake a whole food multivitamin that contains it for a speedy result. Once you start supplying your body with Vitamin E you can find a sudden and drastic improvement in the appearance and growth of your hair as it will change. Combine Vitamin E with the other Vitamins specified in this list for better results. Vitamin E is present in almost all hair products, but for some people the results appear to be effective when consumed via food rather than choosing to apply it from outside.

4. Vitamin A


Just like Vitamin C, Vitamin A is another antioxidant that the body looks forward to for detoxification and it has many other health properties as well. Consult with your physician and get your Vitamin levels checked so that you have an idea of which ones to be taken in more quantities for a proper hair growth. Vitamin A when taken in larger quantities can bring about unseen and harmful results.

5. Vitamin D


Vitamin D is most recommended for a healthy follicle growth. Stay outdoors in the sun frequently for a continued and uninterrupted supply of the same. Your body is infact capable of producing Vitamin D but keeping yourself locked up indoors can lead to deficiency of the same. A lot of artificial products are available that can be used to boost the supply of Vitamin D but nothing can compete the natural source of Vitamin D that is sun.

6. Iron


Iron does not come under the category of vitamins, but it is an essential mineral that your body needs for assuring a healthy body and also a healthy hair. For the non-vegetarians, beef is considered to be a great source of iron. Pure vegetarians need not worry, you can consume a lot of leafy vegetables and greens that are rich in iron. Once your body has acquired optimum amount of iron nutrients you can start using hair products that have iron ingredients for better results.

7. Magnesium


Magnesium is another vitally essential nutrient that your body is in need of. If you view your hair as an important gradient of your body that needs special care, then you will have to take care of each and every minutest detail of your lifestyle starting from the kind of food that you consume to the time you go to bed. While you consume foods that are rich in Vitamins ensure that your diet also contains Magnesium. In fact people usually notice the deficiency of Magnesium when they are subjected to chronic conditions affecting the scalp and hair.

8. Protein


Protein is yet another vital nutrient that your body is in need of though it is not a Vitamin. It is also essential for the health of your hair. Consume protein rich foods in larger quantities and you can also take protein treatments for your hair and its health. Usually eggs, fish and meat are considered to be best for boosting your hair growth. Vegans, do not worry you can depend on foods like quinoa, spinach, broccoli, and more for your nutrition. If you find that the rate of your hair growth is low then check your protein intake and try to include more of protein rich foods in your diet.

9. Niacin


Niacin belongs to the Vitamin B family but it has a major role in its power to nourish the scalp which directly affects the hair growth making it healthier and stronger. Brittle, lifeless and constant hair loss is a sign of Niacin deficiency. Pellagra is the condition that arises due to insufficient supply of Niacin. Ensure that your diet plethora contains Niacin with the other Vitamins specified here.

10. Biotin


Biotin is one of the essential nutrients if you want your hair to grow healthier and longer. It is easier to take it in the form of a pill rather than any other form of supplements. It comes under the Vitamin B category but has a key role in the health of your hair. It is usually present in large amounts in the food we intake on a regular basis but being a water soluble vitamin you need to include it in your diet daily to ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from its loss.Along with the food supplements you can intake products that are rich in Biotin to ensure that your hair stays healthy and long.

These are some of the compulsory inclusions and habits that you need to start following today. You can also transform and switch over from the regular modes of how you style your hair including how you wash it and condition it and even how often you cut it. Not all your hair texture is same, so the same formula might not work alike for all. Try out various modes and then adopt the one that fits into your style.

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