Does wearing helmets actually cause hair loss in men?

Does wearing helmets actually cause hair loss in men?

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A common and regular concern that arises in the minds of bike riders is that whether using a helmet can cause hair loss or is there a declining hair line due to continuous and constant usage of helmets? Yes, the bitter truth is that a prolonged and continuous usage of helmets leads to hair loss. Helmets are found to pull on the hair mostly, leading to an inclination of the hair roots towards the surface of the scalp.

This ultimately leads to a condition called as traction alopecia. In this kind of alopecia, the person can witness a decline in the hair growth specifically in the front portion of the scalp mainly because the roots are now so close to the surface of the skin that they have lost anchoring in the scalp.

Certain Hair Styles also leads to Traction Alopecia


                                                                                          Traction Alopecia

People, who are fond of styling their hairs or have been using a variety of styles to do their hair for a long time, are usually found to complain of their hair roots moving closer to the skin surface due to its loss of fixation on the scalp and the situation is quite pathetic as the hair stops growing. If you are constantly tying your hair up in braids or tight weaves, my dear friend, be careful you are inviting traction alopecia. The same kind of mechanism is observed in people who wear helmets.

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But there is a solution for all problems, so motorcyclists here are some hair fall remedies that will help you to tackle or prevent traction alopecia from preying over your hair:

Simply, examine whether the root portion of your hair is being pulled up tightly while using helmets. Of course, you cannot stop wearing helmets as it can hamper your safety, but you can follow these simple steps to stop your hair roots from being pulled up, while using helmets:

  • Wear your helmet just normally, lift it up slightly, pull it back down, and again lift it up slightly.
  • Now keep on repeating this process, until you feel your hair is not being pulled at the roots and the hair is free.
  • This is a simple process, that you can keep on repeating until all your hairs come back to the normal state and the roots are totally free.

Jigging, is one of the simple techniques that most of the bikers and motorcyclists are seen following these days to prevent hair loss resulting from prolonged use of helmets.

Make sure you follow this jigging every time you put on your helmet to stop it from pulling on your hairs and ensure that your hair is not being pulled away from the surface of the scalp.

Examine your helmet for bacteria

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Warm environment is favorable for bacterial growth and certain factors such as dirt, food particles, sweat and even air borne bacteria when rubbed into helmet padding leads to the breeding of bacteria which causes scalp infection. It affects the health of your scalp ultimately damaging hair growth.

One of the hair fall remedies that are recommended in such situations to prevent hair loss is to spray an anti-bacterial solution or you can use the common kitchen surface cleaner and for your helmet. Make sure you spray it into your helmet regularly and dry it up completely. This is the most hygienic and anti-bacterial approach to help prevent scalp infection that leads to hair loss.

 If you already experienced hair loss due to wearing a helmet, here are some tips that can help to revert the hair loss:

 Once you experience traction alopecia, it is not easy to revert the hair loss, as the hair roots have already parted their ways from the blood vessels that connected them to the scalp surface. But you need not worry as you can follow the scalp blood circulation improvement method that can be used to reverse the hair loss. The stronger you make the blood circulation towards the scalp surface; it helps in faster recovery of hair loss due to traction alopecia.

A simple scalp massage, the alternation method, and also including special super foods or supplements can help in reverting hair loss resulting from traction alopecia.

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