12 exciting things about hair you didn’t know!

12 exciting things about hair you didn’t know!

Here are some of the 12 rarely unknown facts about your hair that will shock you:
1. Have you heard of Keratin the protein that comprises the claws,horns, & hooves of animals and also the bird’s feathers, and beaks are made of the same.

2. Did you know about the fact that your hair can stretch much longer than its original length(around 30%) when wet.

3. Heat is actually a factor that contributes to hair growth as it stimulates circulation and these changes are visible in the summer season.

4. The hair that is inside the epidermis of the scalp is active and alive while rest is already dead.

5. Your hair is the living monument of all the factors that have been in your bloodstream once including the drug dose that you have used and this is why hair is one of the factors that is chosen as part of forensic examination during criminal investigation.

6. The gender of a person cannot be detected from hair as both men’s and women’s hair structure are identical with no difference.

7. Generally all people are found to have black colored hair, though there are exceptions with red which can be found in about 1 percent of the world’s population and blonde that is found in another 2 percent.

8. A new hair starts to grow in the place when another one that rested in its follicle was plucked.

9. Hair is made up of 5 percent sulphur, 6 percent hydrogen, 17 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and the rest 50 percent is contributed by carbon.

10. Hair grows almost everywhere and anywhere on the human body with the exception being the soles of feet, lips, mucous membranes, palms of hands, and eyelids.

11. When a bunch of hair follicles contract they cause the surrounding skin to collaborate and result into goosebumps that arises from fear or cold.

12. Do you have split ends. Yes it is a common phenomenon found on our hairs and it has a scientific term that is “trichoptilosis”.

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