Hair transplant

Hair transplant in Kerala : How to choose the best hair clinic?

When hair loss gropes up people, they are in search of various ways to get their hair filled. Most of the times people choose to go for hair transplant. The hair clinic and the physician you opt for hair restoration is one of the most important factors that needs a consideration before you make a final decision. It is not necessary that all the physicians are equally talented and the services that they provide need not be up to [...]

Hair Transplant : Everything you need to know!!

Are you upset with hair loss? Do not worry! We are here to help you and imbibe in you the waves of confidence that balding has been depriving you off. Trust us for we are a leading name among the clinics offering hair transplant in Kerala. Owing to a number of years of experience in serving clients from far and wide, we have helped people to get rid of all the issues related to balding and hair loss within [...]

Cheer up!! and Say no to Balding!

Cheer up folks! Now say no to balding. There is no kind of balding or hair loss problem that cannot be treated or cured. Medical science and clinical experts have come up with techniques to transplant hair without any health issues or complications as rumored. Advance Hair Treatment and transplantation techniques have evolved over ages and a dedicated team of researchers and medical analysts are constantly working on improvising these traditional forms of treatment with modernized and trendy tools [...]

Beard Transplantation, For the Guys Who can’t Grow Beard!

Men always love to flaunt their beards as it is a growing trend among the celebrities these days. Young or old everyone loves to have beards. Men with beards are considered as more handsome than those with cleanly shaven faces. But what about those people who lack facial hair. Yes beard transplantation facility is available at our clinic specializing in Hair transplantation in Kerala. That is some good news for the wannabe hipsters who are striving hard with their clean-shaven [...]