Hair loss treatment

Everything about hair fall due to stress, and their solutions!

Hair loss can happen to anyone almost at anytime of their lives. To, tackle it in an effective manner you need to familiarize yourself with the facts that lead to hair loss during stress. Firstly, understand the stress you are undergoing and how it is affecting the health and growth of your hair. Secondly, you need to reduce the kind of emotional or the kind of physical activities that leads to stress. All these factors lead to healthy hair [...]

Hair loss: Symptoms & Treatment

Hair Loss is usually related to age, but actually people are unaware of the fact that it can affect anyone, as age is never a factor that influences hair loss. Normally each individual losses around 100 hairs every day which is actually a regular part of the hair growth cycle. But, when a large amount of hair starts falling and a declining line starts to appear, people start noticing it and are emotionally affected. According to a report by the [...]

4 Simple ways to prevent hair loss!

Hair loss is a common problem that is observed in the youth after 20 years of age though people think that it is a problem related to ageing. It is not a problem related to age as any one can fall prey to balding or hair loss without prior notice. People are usually trying to hide it as they feel inferior to others and start backing away from the social circle. Age is never a factor that leads to balding [...]