Hair growth

Top 10 Foods for Hair Fall Control

Image source : Pillsbury Do you feel that your hair lacks the natural luster and shiny glow that it actually needs? Then, you need to reschedule your diet plans. Your diet might not suffice your hair’s requirements for a proper nutrition. If you are suffering from hair loss then you need to implement a balanced diet that will help in hair fall control. If you are experiencing excessive hair damage or slow hair growth you need to include a healthy [...]

Top 7 natural ways to help your hair grow faster

Do you want luscious glowy and shiny long locks? Then, the answer is there is no shortcut to it. Are you aware of the fact that on an average your hair grows an inch per month?  There are certain aspects like an individual’s general health condition, well-being and genetic factors that affect the overall rate of hair growth. There are no easy formulas available for hair treatment. It comes through a balanced diet and a proper care that you provide. [...]

Hair fall treatment : Top 12 methods you can try at home

Do you think you are losing a lot of hair than the normal process? Experts say it is absolutely normal if you lose 50-100 strands of hair in a single day. But if your hair loss exceeds this normal limit, then it is high time that you considered treating your hair and preventing the hair loss from taking a bad shape. There are a lot of artificial chemicals and hair treatment procedures that are available in the markets these [...]

10 Best Hair vitamins you must need for a healthy hair growth!

We already know that the right constitution of vitamins, minerals and all essential nutrients are necessary to ensure a healthy body. But, how many of us are aware of the fact that each and every tiny follicles of our hair breathe life and are in need of vitamins and other nutrients to stay healthy, shiny and glowing. The deficiency in any of the vital vitamins or minerals can actually affect the hair growth resulting in hair fall or balding which [...]