Hair facts

Does wearing helmets actually cause hair loss in men?

Image source: Dailymail A common and regular concern that arises in the minds of bike riders is that whether using a helmet can cause hair loss or is there a declining hair line due to continuous and constant usage of helmets? Yes, the bitter truth is that a prolonged and continuous usage of helmets leads to hair loss. Helmets are found to pull on the hair mostly, leading to an inclination of the hair roots towards the surface of the [...]

12 exciting things about hair you didn’t know!

Here are some of the 12 rarely unknown facts about your hair that will shock you: 1. Have you heard of Keratin the protein that comprises the claws,horns, & hooves of animals and also the bird’s feathers, and beaks are made of the same. 2. Did you know about the fact that your hair can stretch much longer than its original length(around 30%) when wet. 3. Heat is actually a factor that contributes to hair growth as it stimulates circulation and these [...]