Baldness cure

Cancer drugs for Baldness Cure!

People have been trying various solutions and baldness cure measures to replace their lost hair. But little are they aware of the fact that the drugs developed to cure cancer and even rheumatoid arthritis when used in creams helps to boost hair growth which can be one of the best medicines for baldness cure. This can seem as a contradiction to the regular fact that we are familiar with as cancer treatments usually lead to hair loss but certain specialized [...]

5 reasons why you are going bald in your 20’s: And remedies

Baldness is one of the problems that has been affecting people since life took its form on earth. If you are worried of going bald at an age of 23, then don’t think it is unnatural or uncommon. A large number of people are affected with the hair loss problem at such an early age. Usually, in the initial stages, hair loss starts above the temples to the top of the head, but the back portion of the head [...]