5 reasons why you are going bald in your 20’s: And remedies

5 reasons why you are going bald in your 20’s: And remedies

Baldness is one of the problems that has been affecting people since life took its form on earth. If you are worried of going bald at an age of 23, then don’t think it is unnatural or uncommon. A large number of people are affected with the hair loss problem at such an early age. Usually, in the initial stages, hair loss starts above the temples to the top of the head, but the back portion of the head is generally the least affected areas when it comes to baldness. The most saddening thing is that baldness affects some people such that by the time they are 30 years old they have no hair left.

It is not necessary that you might have the same composition and texture of your hair as you had in your teens, towards your 20s as hair loss usually starts at this age. It is one of the situations that equally affects many of the youth both emotionally and physically and they are trying to find out remedies that can help them with the baldness cure. Here are some of the reasons you wanted to know about hair loss in your 20’s.

You can find a large number of people belonging to your age group facing similar hair loss problems and are looking up for baldness treatments.

Here we have listed the reasons for baldness in your 20’s along with remedies to help you get over with the baldness:

1. Stress:

Stress is one of the reasons that has been found to trigger balding in people at an early age. These days stress is a part of the daily routine and too much of it leads to health issues that might be serious. Experts say that stress leads to hair loss which automatically causes balding. Stress management can be practiced to get rid of stress which can revert balding as hair loss resulted from stress is not permanent.

2. Poor Nutrition:

The deficiency of the essential nutrients and minerals can be one of the reasons for why you are going bald at 20. You might not be able to find out the exact nutrient that is causing the deficiency, but fortunately you can consume a balanced diet to ensure your hair gets the necessary supplements. A diet that contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins helps to trigger the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the deficiency of which leads to male pattern baldness.

3. Genetics:

Genetic factors can also trigger hair loss as an increase in DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone leads to hair loss.

4. Hormonal Changes:

Certain kind of hair loss arises from hereditary conditions that occurs in a particular pattern resulting from constant hair loss. In such cases, hair thinning starts at puberty and might be subject to hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalances can be related to hair loss in women that might result from pregnancy, childbirth or even menopause.

5. Smoking:

It is found that people addicted to smoking are more likely to go bald at an age of 23. Smoking leads to reduced levels of oxygen in blood which is indeed an essential gradient for a healthy scalp. It increases the level of carbon monoxide in blood which is destructive for the hair follicles. Cigarettes contains Nicotine that reduces the blood flow and negatively impacts hair growth.

Here are some simple remedies for baldness treatment:

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● Choose your hair products carefully:

The hair products that you are using might be the most destructive ones and needs to be examined well before you use next time. Some of the shampoos and conditioners contain really harmful chemicals that destroy your hair. Choose gentle hair products that are safe and free from harmful products such as alcohol, silicone and sulfates.

● Never brush your hair:

Never brush your hair especially when it is wet as it pulls out your hair. It is best to use a wide-tooth comb and start combing near the ends of your hair and then comb out the tangles towards the roots.

● Never heat your hair to style it up:

Your hair might appear stylish and beautiful when heated but these straightening irons, curling irons and other hot tools are actually dangerous. Never subject your hair to heating.

● Scalp Massage:

Massage your scalp regularly with oils that are of high nutritional importance like coconut oil, jojoba oil or egg oil. It leads to hair growth and increased blood circulation. You can massage while you take your shower. Start your massage near the forehead in a circular motion with your fingertips towards the side and then gently to the back of your head. Focus more on those areas where you have experienced hair thinning.

● Stress Management:
Sleep more, exercise frequently and practice meditation to lower your stress levels.

● Consume Omega-3 Rich Foods:

It helps to promote new hair growth. Consuming foods such as walnuts, sardines, salmons and avocados help in better hair growth.

These are some of the simple tips that help to get over with the hair loss. Consult a doctor for baldness treatment. Leave us message for more details on baldness cure.

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