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Cancer drugs for Baldness Cure!

People have been trying various solutions and baldness cure measures to replace their lost hair. But little are they aware of the fact that the drugs developed to cure cancer and even rheumatoid arthritis when used in creams helps to boost hair growth which can be one of the best medicines for baldness cure. This can seem as a contradiction to the regular fact that we are familiar with as cancer treatments usually lead to hair loss but certain specialized [...]

Beard Transplantation, For the Guys Who can’t Grow Beard!

Men always love to flaunt their beards as it is a growing trend among the celebrities these days. Young or old everyone loves to have beards. Men with beards are considered as more handsome than those with cleanly shaven faces. But what about those people who lack facial hair. Yes beard transplantation facility is available at our clinic specializing in Hair transplantation in Kerala. That is some good news for the wannabe hipsters who are striving hard with their clean-shaven [...]

14 Things only bald people would understand

“I have little hair because my brain is so big it pushes the hair out” Hair loss is a problem that is found in every one out of five people these days. It is not fun and given a choice no one wants to part with their dear hair. The physical aspects of hair loss is minimal or nothing when compared to the emotional trauma that the individual goes through. It needs to be dealt with or they might end [...]

12 exciting things about hair you didn’t know!

Here are some of the 12 rarely unknown facts about your hair that will shock you: 1. Have you heard of Keratin the protein that comprises the claws,horns, & hooves of animals and also the bird’s feathers, and beaks are made of the same. 2. Did you know about the fact that your hair can stretch much longer than its original length(around 30%) when wet. 3. Heat is actually a factor that contributes to hair growth as it stimulates circulation and these [...]

10 Best Hair vitamins you must need for a healthy hair growth!

We already know that the right constitution of vitamins, minerals and all essential nutrients are necessary to ensure a healthy body. But, how many of us are aware of the fact that each and every tiny follicles of our hair breathe life and are in need of vitamins and other nutrients to stay healthy, shiny and glowing. The deficiency in any of the vital vitamins or minerals can actually affect the hair growth resulting in hair fall or balding which [...]

5 reasons why you are going bald in your 20’s: And remedies

Baldness is one of the problems that has been affecting people since life took its form on earth. If you are worried of going bald at an age of 23, then don’t think it is unnatural or uncommon. A large number of people are affected with the hair loss problem at such an early age. Usually, in the initial stages, hair loss starts above the temples to the top of the head, but the back portion of the head [...]

4 Simple ways to prevent hair loss!

Hair loss is a common problem that is observed in the youth after 20 years of age though people think that it is a problem related to ageing. It is not a problem related to age as any one can fall prey to balding or hair loss without prior notice. People are usually trying to hide it as they feel inferior to others and start backing away from the social circle. Age is never a factor that leads to balding [...]